We currently accept the following Health Insurances:

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

Blue Chip Medicare


United Healthcare

United Rite Care

Neighborhood Health Plan





Beacon Mutual

Anthem Health Insurance

Beacon Mutual Insurance

London Health Insurance

Klais  Insurance

* If your insurance carrier is not listed above, please ask us how we can assist you.  Due to the complexity of the various insurance plans and their ongoing changes, it is the  patient’s responsibility to maintain updated insurance coverage information and inform the  the office of any changes at the time of the visit.

Billing Policies

In this day and age of medicine, terms such as copays, deductibles, financial responsibility can be very confusing and sometimes detracts from the prime reason why you are here as a patient.  We are here to help you with explanations and assist in any denials to help limit your financial liability. We understand the financial constraints in today’s society, and we are here to help.

To achieve this, we must be apprised of your insurance and plan restrictions. All patients must keep our office aware of any change in their insurance coverage and must provide an active insurance card with photo identification at all times when services are rendered.  Such delay in providing this information may result in the charges being reverted to the patients responsibility.

Some insurances, especially the PPO plans require the patient to notify the health insurance company involved with direct notification that they chose our doctor as their Primary care provider.  Failure to do this may result in medical claims being denied, making the patient responsible for its cost.

(Physician Notification Form link)

The financial policies of this office will be presented and are required to authorize our office to bill your health insurance carrier. ( Financial Agreement Policy ) A patient’s financial responsibility are usually limited to the copay which is listed on the front of their health insurance card. However, most health insurance carriers now have instituted a deductible , which is defined as an amount that must be expended by the patient in medical service costs before the health insurance will pay for your medical services, thus making it your financial responsibility.  As a result, we may request a credit card on file or deposit , to cover the costs of such medical services.

With few exceptions, services are expected to be paid at the time the  services were provided.  Such patients responsibility may be modified  once your medical claim is processed and an explanation of benefits is provided to our office by your insurance carrier. Any such discrepancy will be billed to you through our billing company in a monthly statement.

Our office also participates with compensable injury claims, such as worker’s compensation and motor vehicle claims. Please note that such claims will require a patient to provide such additional carrier information at the time of the visit.