I want to inform all my patients that we are here for you during this medical crisis and will be available to you to service your medical needs and questions.

During the pandemic, our offices have remained opened and will continue to provide you quality medical services as we have in the past.  Our commitment and dedication has never wavered, infact, this crisis has only reasserted and strengthened our service to our community.

We are vigilant and careful to protect your safety during your visit to our office. We adhere strictly to the CDC recommendations of mask wearing and social distancing.  These policies have existed since the inception of the Covid Pandemic and its implementation was enforced in our offices before they were regulated by the Department of Health.  We screen all patients coming into the office, and segregate patients from acute and chronic care visits. We have limited exposure of our patients to staff, through proper PPE equipment worn by all staff as well as setting physical barriers to other staff member by instituting protective glass.  In addition, we have limited patients entering our facility to those only in need of a medical visit and further limit their wait time in our waiting room by rooming the patient into a closed exam room.  Any patients with symptoms of Covid are refused entry to our offices and are called by the doctor for further screening questions.  All of our offices are cleaned thoroughly and frequently cleaned using viricidal disinfectant against Covid as well as atomizers (foggers). We also screen our staff daily for symptoms of Covid, before they can come in contact with our patients.  

We have been very empathetic to those afflicted with Covid and are fully committed to those effected.  From the inception of this disease, we have established two of the twenty-one Respiratory centers in Rhode Island battling this disease, hence the White Tents in our parking lots.   Our committed staff has always taken care to physically separate this population from our other patients while exhibiting the same compassion and care to all our patients

The Covid Pandemic have placed many more demands on our offices and we have tried to adapt to our patients needs by making our staff available to our patients concern through consultation or telemedicine. We have been working tirelessly and diligently for the needs of our patients and our community and will continue all our efforts.

Your care and medical needs are of utmost importance to me and my staff.  We are all in this together and myself and my offices will be there for you!


Be safe,

Dr. Anthony Farina

North Providence Primary & Urgent Care Offices

1830 Mineral Spring Ave. North Providence RI 02904

(401) 351-1900

Coventry Primary & Urgent Care Offices

775 Centre of New England, Coventry RI 02816

(401) 823-1900